Matilde, Like The Movie

About me

"People who are different...their time is coming" Hairspray

Hi! My name is Matilde (like the movie!), and I'm a model.

I'm Italian and I'm 27. I lived in Italy, Canada, the UK and Switzerland, and I'm currently based in Zurich. 

I have a BA in Translation Studies, a MA in Conference Interpreting, and speak five languages. I've worked in content creation for one of the world's leading investment banks, but my biggest passion is, yes, modeling!

I've been told many times how my curves were not fit for modeling, or that my look wasn't standard enough, but I never listened. 

Modeling is not just about fashion. Sure, fashion is cool and all, but what I really love about it is the self-expression, the freedom, and the team spirit. It's about making a vision come to life.

And I'm here for it.


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